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Frost alert system

Be prepared with our connected weather stations

Stay informed when it really matters – forecast the appearance of frost on your crops thanks to ultra-localised weather data.

24/7 weather data from your plots
Organise your farm work
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Create alerts by text, e-mail or telephone
Protect your crops from frost
Simple to install and move around
Real-time data every 15 minutes

Frost and your crops

Frost is a recurrent problem which tends to worsen year on year. Spring frosts can have a particularly damaging effect on the financial stability of your holdings.

You therefore equip yourself with more and more anti-frost solutions, and need to be kept informed of the weather conditions on your plots so that you can activate these systems at the right time.

Sencrop, the top network of connected weather stations in Europe, is the go-to company for frost alerts in France.

Precision, reliability, customer service: we are there to help you make the right decision at the right moment.

Set up your alerts on your Sencrop app, so that you can better judge when it’s time to intervene before the frost gets to your crops.

Improve performance thanks to ultra-localised weather forecasts, radar images and weather alerts!


Sencrop alert!
Dry temp. <1°C
Wet bulb temp. <1°C


How does it work?

You can set the Sencrop app to warn you of a drop in dry and/or wet bulb temperature.

- Set your alerts on your phone or computer
   Phone call
   Text message
   Notification via the Sencrop app

- Keep track of the development of dry and wet bulb temperature curves in real time.

- Look up the data history at any time.

The Sencrop app – your ally for the weather, every day.

    • Connect in one click
    • Set your alert in under two minutes
    • Get warnings in real time

A service at your disposal every day

Seven-day weather forecasting
Sencrop’s live weather reports and precipitation radar
Real-time data
Daily and historical tracking
Create alerts by text, e-mail or telephone
to prevent disease and also warn of late frost
Installation in less than ten minutes
and your first data upload in under 15 minutes
Easy maintenance, three-year battery life
and a two-year warranty
Sturdy construction
and easy to move around between plots

They put their trust in us!


“The alarm might wake us up in the middle of the night and we can look at the drop in temperature : we assess the situation and decide whether to go and switch on the anti-frost equipment or not.”

Philippe Pitault

“We were able to manage a microclimate in the plot in such a way that we could just about avoid sub-zero temperatures.”

Hervé Delestre

Be prepared with our connected weather stations

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Included in the offer

  • Raincrop connected weather station with tripod
  • Sencrop app
  • One-year subscription
  • Two-year warranty
  • Delivery included