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The ag-weather stations and their sensors 

What the Sencrop stations measure in real time: 

  • Rainfall (inches)
  • Temperature (°C)
  • Humidity (%)
  • Wind speed (mph)
  • Gusts
  • Wind direction

All the measurements are geolocalised and include a motion detector. Reliable, qualified, and certified by technical organizations and independent laboratories, Sencrop received a prestigious SIMA Innovation Award in 2017.

All Sencrop stations come with a 2 year warranty

champ arrachage

Reduce and optimise spraying 

Spraying has to be do under certain weather conditions to be efficient. Access all your local precise local data from your smart phone or desktop to : 

  • Go in the filed at the right time 
  • Improve treatment efficence
  • Reduce spraying

For the 2020 season, get a weather station

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